Sudoku App for Android: play with the new free sudoku app

The new Sudoku App for Android is now available on Magic Jigsaw Puzzle. Magic Jigsaw Puzzle is a free Android app that allows you to transform every image in a amazing jigsaw puzzle. By default there are a lot of jigsaw puzzles, from wonderful landscapes, to cute dogs or cats, from waterfalls to the big ocean. You can also use your custom images and transform them in great jigsaw puzzles game.

In the new version of Magic Jigsaw Puzzle you can also play with the new Sudoku Puzzle. The rules are the same of the Sudoku game: 

  • The empty fields should be filled with numbers from 1 to 9.
  • A number should appear only once in a row
  • A number should appear only once in a column
  • A number should appear only once in a region (a region is one of the 9 grids 3x3)

But in addition to this in this new Sudoku Puzzle game you've to insert the jigsaw cards in place in order to satisfy the joints.

In the app there are more than 1000 free sudoku ready to play with. The app is continuosly updated with more jigsaw puzzle images and more challenging sudoku.

You can play with a Sudoku Puzzle game when you want, pause it, and continue with the same Sudku Puzzle game when you have time, the app stores automatically your session and allows you to continue with it when you have time.

Enjoy the the free Sudoku app for Android, download Magic Jigsaw Puzzle for free now on:

Google Play

Sudoku app free game for Android